Tuesday, January 17, 2012

info about my incubation...heee

What is ICC??

ICC or Innovation & Commercialisation Centre is a unit established by UTM which is committed on developing and commercialising UTM's research products via its newly formed and diversified units which include innovation point, incubation, innovation prototype development, business training and IP development units.

Headed by a charismatic and experienced Director, ICC's activities will be gearing towards the prototype development of UTM research products. Selected products and technologies which have gone through internal and external screening process will then be further developed till they reach a market ready stage and then ready to go through various types of commercialisation such as licensing, out right sales/assignment or spin-off companies.

As a unit which is focused on developing and marketing UTM's research products and latest technologies, UTM ICC's vision will be an efficient one stop management centre for technology innovation and commercialisation. Our mission is to assist in IP management and exploitation, to add value to the technologies towards achieving innavative and commercially viable products that meet market needs for the nation's wealth creation. To meet the above, ICC shall work stategically with the government agencies and industries in promoting UTM's technologies.

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To be an efficient one stop management centre for technology innovation and commercialisation.


To assist in IP management and exploitation, to add value to  the technologies towards achieving innovative and commercially viable products, that meet market needs for the nation‘s wealth creation.

Objectives of ICC

To help UTM inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs
  • make their ideas more commercially successful through networking with industry and affiliate partners.
  • commercialize their ideas via spin-off formations/start-ups, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • commercialize their ideas for the benefit of society, Malaysian economy, the inventors and the University.


To achieve these, ICC shall work strategically with the Faculties, Research Alliances and Centres of Excellence in tandem with government agencies and industries in promoting UTM’s technologies.

Innovation Department - Mission Statement

"To create and deliver new customer values from UTM's product and services in the market place for financial returns to university, region and nation"
  • Innovation Point
  • Innovation Idea Incubation
  • Innovation Prototype Development

Commercialisation Department

"Commercialisation is a process by which intellectual property generated in public sector research institutes and institutes of higher education is taken to market or exploited within a commercial setting. It involves the outsourcing of R&D, consultancy and training, patent and license agreements and spin-off company formations. The process should generate value added in the economy and generate funds flow back to the university." (Poole and Moore, 2002)
The Importance of Commercialisation
  • encourages economic development by producing innovative products that satisfy customer needs.
  • generate significant economic values.
  • creates jobs.
  • induces investment in university technologies.
  • promotes local economic development

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