Friday, December 20, 2013

Snap + Editting

Assalamualaikum & Hii All

Just Sharing with u olls about world of snap picture and editing.. Actually i dont have power and super power in Camera skills and photo shoot.. But my admire more to Shoot and snap. Plus i also like to editing. not just in lappy, but in my smart phone also have several software that i download to editing.

When some matter that make me like, i dont care event i tired and late for sleep. I willing to do until finish and mission complete. hehehe.. May be one day i will explore more about the technique and learn to become skill in photographer or Editing...

Just sharing with u, several pic that i taken from the past collection....Enjoy for your looking...

Take by Me in My car.
Model, Baby Aisyah..

At Hutan Simpan Gunung Arong.
Mersing, Johor.


At Pasir Lanun Beach. eNDAU mERSINg..
Model, Aisyah and Fiqry shah

Home sweet Home
Model, Muaz

At Bandar Beach, Mersing..
Model, Syikin and Baby Faezah

At Bandar Beach Mersing.

Edit edit by me.. Only Use smart phone software...

For the next post maybe i will share with u,, shoot for Pre-wedding at Merang Suria Resort.
Take By Me...At Setiu Terengganu..
Project to Green Ant Photography...
Photo shoot and editing By me..
Sposor camera by my lovely fiance Mr. Zairy ( not Mr. Arrogant)
i Will update for this Project...
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

E-DAY oh E-Day

Assalamualaikum & Hii  All,

Mom and Dad, I love u so much... Please always with me what ever  happen. U r My SOUL, my Strength,
Oh ALLAH, please dont separate me with my mom n Dad......i love she and he Very Much..Amin..

Write, Write, Type, Type plus smile over My PC at my work Desk, thinking what i want to share for this entry... Like i Promise, i want to share with u olls all about my E-Day.... So happy for me even just a simple and small event, but I very gratefully to Allah that all planning is nice as what i need.. Thanks Allah...Allahamdulillah

On 7 December 2013, that the day for my happiness day, it is  my engagement day between me with  Zairy Shazni ...Just call him as ''Ayie'' lah.. During the day, no rain, just  a nice nice jer the weather alonggg the day... 

The Recepsi  at 2.30 p.m... All Discussion between both family is done with Barakallah..=)... So Nervous, for me, just wait in the room until my brother call me.... Fatim Keluar!! So nervous, but eppy...heheheh... no more story, just upload the picture during the day..... 

view for  my Little "pelamin"
Thanks Aunty Moon for the design Mini Pelamin.

Side View, take by me

Ring Ring, One for the "Merisik" & One for The "Engage".
Buy at Mersing Jer, TOo Many Choice.

My Tunang..My Fiance. Zairy..Love U...=)

She is my "adopted Sister" Call her is Sha Sha.
Stage for Rings and "Wang Tanda"
Made By Mother Zairy.

with HAPPINESS, I'm yours fiance. "zairy"
Zairy Family and my future family...=)

My Beloved Friends..Thanks for Coming...
Thanks also to Disenar Gift for Chit Chat Props.

Thanks for Coming Ella n Shidah.. she is my Neighbor & Friend during Adult..=) 

with baby nisreena...
Zairy & Fatim He asked, She said Yes..I Do.
Jiwang itu My Fiance ..

Cant Did Picture Snap Credit to My Friends.
Siap Spec lg tu...Maybe Silau dr lAMpu CAMERA...=) 
Fatim Lalo Li...with Flower hand.
Thanks Aunty Moon for the sponsor Flower Hand.

Cousin Zairy...from Penang...

With My Cousin and My mother and My ante .

Salam and Edit by Me....
Smile fOR mY happiness.. Alhamdulillah...
From My Side, Hantaran...=)
Amin... Pray for bless my relationship and give me Barakah.. mAKE My Relation happy till Jannah..Bless My Relation and make it valuable for our relation..Aminn...

Stop At Here.....
No much to say, no Much brilliant Idea to say.
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Usha Design Baju for nikah.

Assalamualaikum and Hello,

For this post, i want to share u about Design for My Nikah Clothes. 
From my survey at several Designer, i so interested with design fully with Manik, and Flowers..
look very sweetie and like soft ja....

Lets I show between that i mark and plan to design with AbimHassan Designer...Hopely she can design like i want....
Design like this, cme Nt i nak ubah sikit dr sgi lace dia..

The Color for My clothes like this...
i also so interested the manik dia..=)

Flower flower cam nie lah so sweet....

Manik manik cam nie pn Looks so Sweet....=)

Hopely my Dream become True......
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Thanks You

Preparation for Engagement Day ..

Assalamualaikum and Hello my Friend,

This post i want to share about the preparation time before my E-Day....
Just share with u, may be next time during uR turn u can refer my entries as your references...
My preparation take time for 2 month.. Alhamdulillah everything is nice like my plan..
What ever your plan you must thinkING first: Dont forget to Pray always for everything can be smooth.

As your guideline:-

# look your budget, plan for your budget 
# Ricky your event planner that match your budget.
# Make list for items such as, Hantaran, Gubahan, mini Pelamin, Props, Goodies Bag, Attire and so on.
# Ricky and plan your shopping time/ place.

For Me, My Situation... Zairy Family want give 7 Dulang, so for my side must give 9 Dulang.
What i give during my engagement day?? look list my below entries...

1)    Clothes for Akad Nikah
2)    Towel
3)    Set Perfume
4)    Book (Aku Terima Nikahnya)
5)    Fruits
6)    Chocolate
7)    Cake
8)    Cup Cake
9)    Sirih Junjung

From my Side.......

And my list for preparation:-

1) Catering
2) Hantaran and Barang Hantaran
3) Goodies Bag- ( Paper bag, tag name, Chocolate, and Marshmallow)
4) Arabic with scarlet canopy
5) Shawls and Attire for E-Day...

It Is Depend your Budget... Plan First, so you can decide base on your budget plan...Good Luck...
For Me ALWAYS PRAY and get Bless from Allah... Insya-Allah all matters can be smooth...Insya-Allah...Amin....

TagING  Card for paste at Goodies Bag (Paper Bag)
Credits to Mulan Muqrerua Creative.
Chit Chat a.k.a Burble Talk.
Credits to Disenar Gift

Half-moon custom made FROM DESIGNER
Credits to AbimHassan (IG)

Chocobar for fill in the Goodies Bag
Credits to Chocogift Hanismsha (FB)
Books for Hantaran
buy at Badan Plaza Angsana.

For My Attire buy at Danga City Mall Johor Bahru at Lavina Boutique, Grand Floor. you also can buy at here so many choice that interesting!! 

Thanks Youu....See the next post for ENGAGEMENT DAY (E-DAY) WAIT YAA.. =)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hujan oh Hujan Kenapa Kau Turun?

Salam and Hello,

Before i back my house, i wish the raining can be stop start this evening..Amin....

Oh Allah

please listen my pray and my wishes.... Tomorrow i going to hometown, save my journey, leave me from Banjir. AMIN..

Oh Allah

On 07/12/13 my engagement day, please save this week and the day... i so perhaps, the date is good for me, it is  first step to build mosque, save our family, please save the zairy family journey, They came from Penang... Permudahkanlah his journey with his family... Amin..

Oh Allah

 no strengths for me to change what ever happens, Only You that more powerful to help me and others.

Oh Allah

save the date and save me and save his journey....  Save our relation and bless our relation...Amin...

With love and faith, we wish our relation is bless from you...Amin....

we only can prayer and wish from You....Amin..


Musim Tengkujuh..

Salam and Hello my friends,

MUSIM Tengkujuh? U oll know about this Musim?
For me as org mersing, aku panggil musim hujan....Musim nie start on November until end Chinese new year... Klu org mersing time musim nie, mmg kmi xkn mandi laut sbb tkut dihayut bawak ombak...

actually bukan nie aku nak story,i just want to share that my feeling is bad, worried, scare, sad..... Preparation for my Engagement Day around 96%.... But so many happens to me.... Now at mersing Raining.  Everyday Rain... Nie bukan story about love rain but nie story about me...

7/12/13 my engagement day, i scare if the date to be postpone, for my family its ok, we just wait the Rombongan, but my worried  to Zairy family. Some area mersing and Johor have ditenggelami air..banjir... worried to zairy family cannot past to go mersing....

Apa yg mampu sekarang sy berserah dan berdoa agar semua jalan lancar dan tidak tertunda...amat bimbang dan sedih kita mampu berserah...

Ya Allah hanya ko yg berkuase...Sempurnakan lah majlis kami...Dan Reda kan lah Hujan di Bumi Johor especially Daerah Mersing dan Kluang....lancar kan lah laluan kami...

Tomorrow i back hometown, Lancar kan lah Perjalanan kami....Amin... =(    

Monday, December 2, 2013

I am Iskandarian!!

Salam and Hello my friends,

Today i will share with u about my first career. No speaking again, just Bahasa Only...=)

Alhamdulillah, itu saja mampu aku ucap kan, setelah mengangur selama setahun akhir nya aku dapat kerja di sebuah company yang agak ternama and besar..=)... itu pun disabit kan aku join GEMS Program. mgkin rezeki aku bermula disini, untuk menapak kehadapan dan jauh kehadapan dalam kejayaan dunia career, aku bermula dr GEMS Program, dr bawah yg tiada gaji hanya Allowance.

Now aku berkhidmat dekat ISKANDAR INVESTMENT BERHAD (IIB) JOHOR. Sy mula kerja di sini pada 1/10/2013...dan sekarang sudah 2 bulan saya menjadi staff and warga iskandarian.... bermula nya disini sy diberi jawatan as EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT for department operation of Education@Iskandar Sdn Bhd. (EISB). EISB is subsidiaries of IIB. 

For my work, xde lah susah mana pn...sbb time GEMS lg sye dah dberi pendedahan terhadap kerja yg bakal sy kne buat. Alhamdulillah sume nya ok, staff kat sni pn ok....sume nye baik belaka...=).... segala tunjuk ajar sume cukup untuk sy faham ape yg sebetulnya sy kne buat....

walau baru 2 bulan sbg staff and 6 month sebagai gemmies kat sini, bermacam pengalaman yg dapat sye timba and explore.. sy suke...ini salah satu peluang sy utk mningkat kan diri sy dlm bidang career di masa akan datang....

For my department very sporty and sempoi, kerja xde stress... my VP pn sgt ok dgn sye...die tidak sombong dan mahu memberi tunjuk ajar...Sya rase bersyukur sangat diberi peluang to become ISKANDARIAN....

dekat sini i have attach link for your reference what is IIB?

at My Desk, peace...=)

sedang membuat E-Bulletin utk my team operation. First time gne soft ware nie..

acting like AVP..wakaka...mgkn in future..amin

Phasa pertama farewell MR. Hisyam.

My officemate...=)

Makan luch bersama our department + Contractor AWC....Sempena Farewell cik hisyam. 

Terima Kasih Tuhan, krn mberi jalan dan peluang yang baik kepada hambaMu ini...

Sy harap kalian semua berjaya dan dapat peluang yg baik utk first career u olls... sume rzeki yg dtang adalah baik utk kamu..jgn bersangka buruk..kerana Dia lbh mengetahui ape yg layak utk UmatNya. Semua nya ade hikmah nya....Reminder for MySelf supaya blajar erti Kesyukuran...
Buang sifat kekeluhan dan kekesalan...=)

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Thanks ...