Friday, December 20, 2013

Snap + Editting

Assalamualaikum & Hii All

Just Sharing with u olls about world of snap picture and editing.. Actually i dont have power and super power in Camera skills and photo shoot.. But my admire more to Shoot and snap. Plus i also like to editing. not just in lappy, but in my smart phone also have several software that i download to editing.

When some matter that make me like, i dont care event i tired and late for sleep. I willing to do until finish and mission complete. hehehe.. May be one day i will explore more about the technique and learn to become skill in photographer or Editing...

Just sharing with u, several pic that i taken from the past collection....Enjoy for your looking...

Take by Me in My car.
Model, Baby Aisyah..

At Hutan Simpan Gunung Arong.
Mersing, Johor.


At Pasir Lanun Beach. eNDAU mERSINg..
Model, Aisyah and Fiqry shah

Home sweet Home
Model, Muaz

At Bandar Beach, Mersing..
Model, Syikin and Baby Faezah

At Bandar Beach Mersing.

Edit edit by me.. Only Use smart phone software...

For the next post maybe i will share with u,, shoot for Pre-wedding at Merang Suria Resort.
Take By Me...At Setiu Terengganu..
Project to Green Ant Photography...
Photo shoot and editing By me..
Sposor camera by my lovely fiance Mr. Zairy ( not Mr. Arrogant)
i Will update for this Project...
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