Friday, December 13, 2013

Preparation for Engagement Day ..

Assalamualaikum and Hello my Friend,

This post i want to share about the preparation time before my E-Day....
Just share with u, may be next time during uR turn u can refer my entries as your references...
My preparation take time for 2 month.. Alhamdulillah everything is nice like my plan..
What ever your plan you must thinkING first: Dont forget to Pray always for everything can be smooth.

As your guideline:-

# look your budget, plan for your budget 
# Ricky your event planner that match your budget.
# Make list for items such as, Hantaran, Gubahan, mini Pelamin, Props, Goodies Bag, Attire and so on.
# Ricky and plan your shopping time/ place.

For Me, My Situation... Zairy Family want give 7 Dulang, so for my side must give 9 Dulang.
What i give during my engagement day?? look list my below entries...

1)    Clothes for Akad Nikah
2)    Towel
3)    Set Perfume
4)    Book (Aku Terima Nikahnya)
5)    Fruits
6)    Chocolate
7)    Cake
8)    Cup Cake
9)    Sirih Junjung

From my Side.......

And my list for preparation:-

1) Catering
2) Hantaran and Barang Hantaran
3) Goodies Bag- ( Paper bag, tag name, Chocolate, and Marshmallow)
4) Arabic with scarlet canopy
5) Shawls and Attire for E-Day...

It Is Depend your Budget... Plan First, so you can decide base on your budget plan...Good Luck...
For Me ALWAYS PRAY and get Bless from Allah... Insya-Allah all matters can be smooth...Insya-Allah...Amin....

TagING  Card for paste at Goodies Bag (Paper Bag)
Credits to Mulan Muqrerua Creative.
Chit Chat a.k.a Burble Talk.
Credits to Disenar Gift

Half-moon custom made FROM DESIGNER
Credits to AbimHassan (IG)

Chocobar for fill in the Goodies Bag
Credits to Chocogift Hanismsha (FB)
Books for Hantaran
buy at Badan Plaza Angsana.

For My Attire buy at Danga City Mall Johor Bahru at Lavina Boutique, Grand Floor. you also can buy at here so many choice that interesting!! 

Thanks Youu....See the next post for ENGAGEMENT DAY (E-DAY) WAIT YAA.. =)

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