Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hujan oh Hujan Kenapa Kau Turun?

Salam and Hello,

Before i back my house, i wish the raining can be stop start this evening..Amin....

Oh Allah

please listen my pray and my wishes.... Tomorrow i going to hometown, save my journey, leave me from Banjir. AMIN..

Oh Allah

On 07/12/13 my engagement day, please save this week and the day... i so perhaps, the date is good for me, it is  first step to build mosque, save our family, please save the zairy family journey, They came from Penang... Permudahkanlah his journey with his family... Amin..

Oh Allah

 no strengths for me to change what ever happens, Only You that more powerful to help me and others.

Oh Allah

save the date and save me and save his journey....  Save our relation and bless our relation...Amin...

With love and faith, we wish our relation is bless from you...Amin....

we only can prayer and wish from You....Amin..


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