Monday, December 2, 2013

Graduate Employment Management Scheme (GEMS)

Salam and hello my friends,
As my promised, for this post or entry, let i tell u olss about GEMS Program. 

GEMS program stand for GRADUATE EMPLOYMENT MANAGEMENT SCHEME. For your information this program, are offer for graduate that have degree and diploma only. For those not yet employment after graduate, they feasible to apply GEMS Program.As long as you have certificate of DIPLOMA AND DEGREE.

How to Apply?

Visit the website GEMS Program..Below i have attached the link.

For your information, this program take time for 6 month only. It is have two part in these program. Part 1 is time for attend class. From the past experiences, i have learn for 6 module that make ME more capabilities and responsibilities. As A summary, the module that those offer are:

PART 1: 

Executive Development Programme (EDP) Training

  1. Building and Achieving Self-Efficacy (BASE)
  2. Project and Event Management (PEM)
  3. Business Writing
  4. Business Appreciation
  5. Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
  6. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

PART 2: 

Apperenticeship Programme

Participant will go on THE job training for 3 month. Depend for your performance, iF you are good in performance u will absorb and continue work at the placement for part 2. SO good LUCK for those are join these programme.


Participant will get the allowance during join GEMS Program. Apply to join GEMS is free AND no chargeable. The allowance  for part 1 RM 500 for every month. The accommodation is provide, Food and Beverage is provide. 
For Part 2, Allowance are given RM 1, 000 for every month. But these allowance no cover you accommodation, food and beverage.

What the others programme that related and match like GEMS?

Other than GEMS Program, in our country also have offers other program that function is like GEMS program. Depends your self to apply what ever kinds that have offer in the our country. As i know only:-

1) SL1M
3) YES (UEM)

Now GEMS Programe are changeable the system program, and i know GEMS Program now are as GEMS 2.0. More effective and more valuable. I as ALUMNI Gems participant MRSD07 are so grateful to become alumni GEMS program.

Good Luck For Those ARE interested to join. =)

Hope this info can help u to think and plan ur future.. Dont be hesitate to follow my blog and my u olls...
Memory during attend Class for module 5...=)

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