Friday, November 29, 2013

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Assalamualaikum & Hello,

Setelah sekian lama fatim diam dalam blog fatim, akhirnya petang nie fatim dapat update fatim punya blog. Fatim xsure how long Fatim no Update story, but so lots of thing nak share... Cume tak thu nak story mcm mne....

Fatim dah lama anggap blog nie as my diary and dunia fatim...that y fatim description blog nie Dunia Lalo.. Now for the ringkasan my journey after grad, i will story here...=)... So many happen to me, ade yg intresting and ade yg sad, bad thing and berbagai lagi lah... 

After grad fatim x continue study, fatim  cr kje... lbh kurang 6 month fatin mengagur nothing to do.. so for the first step fatim join GEMS Program. For you Information, to all graduated yang still mengangur and no interest to continue study i suggest you should join program under government to grab your first career at here.. 

i register GEMS Program stand for Graduated Employment Management Scheme,for 6 month.. these program have 2 part. For Part 1 candidate GEMS attend class for 3 month... Many thing you can grab for these class that not offer during u study at University. Later i will story details about GEMS Programe yer.. 
For the part 1, my venue program at MERANG SURIA RESORT SETIU TERENGGANU..

AND for the part 2 i have attached at ISKANDAR INVESTMENT BERHAD at JOHOR BAHRU.... for part 2 all candidate can choose what company u want... you will located for 3 month...then after 3 month, depend for your performance, if you good performance you will absorb and continue work for the comapany...

Alhamdulillah start march i join and i Finnish in the middle of September.... and 1st October 2013, i continue work at ISKANDAR INVESTMENT BERHAD. Now i still present at here. So many thing that i have learn to improve my capabilities....=)

Nt fatim continue story lagi yer pasal:-

1) GEMS Program( lg details) for your information
 2) My new work at IIB (ISKANDAR INVESTMENT)
 3) Engagement and preparation
 4) Journey holiday during my quit silent loses in the blog...hehehe
 5) my shoot for Photography
 6) My business

See you soon, Insya-Allah fatim updated lagi...Dont be hesitate to follow my blog and my story... 

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