Thursday, December 19, 2013

E-DAY oh E-Day

Assalamualaikum & Hii  All,

Mom and Dad, I love u so much... Please always with me what ever  happen. U r My SOUL, my Strength,
Oh ALLAH, please dont separate me with my mom n Dad......i love she and he Very Much..Amin..

Write, Write, Type, Type plus smile over My PC at my work Desk, thinking what i want to share for this entry... Like i Promise, i want to share with u olls all about my E-Day.... So happy for me even just a simple and small event, but I very gratefully to Allah that all planning is nice as what i need.. Thanks Allah...Allahamdulillah

On 7 December 2013, that the day for my happiness day, it is  my engagement day between me with  Zairy Shazni ...Just call him as ''Ayie'' lah.. During the day, no rain, just  a nice nice jer the weather alonggg the day... 

The Recepsi  at 2.30 p.m... All Discussion between both family is done with Barakallah..=)... So Nervous, for me, just wait in the room until my brother call me.... Fatim Keluar!! So nervous, but eppy...heheheh... no more story, just upload the picture during the day..... 

view for  my Little "pelamin"
Thanks Aunty Moon for the design Mini Pelamin.

Side View, take by me

Ring Ring, One for the "Merisik" & One for The "Engage".
Buy at Mersing Jer, TOo Many Choice.

My Tunang..My Fiance. Zairy..Love U...=)

She is my "adopted Sister" Call her is Sha Sha.
Stage for Rings and "Wang Tanda"
Made By Mother Zairy.

with HAPPINESS, I'm yours fiance. "zairy"
Zairy Family and my future family...=)

My Beloved Friends..Thanks for Coming...
Thanks also to Disenar Gift for Chit Chat Props.

Thanks for Coming Ella n Shidah.. she is my Neighbor & Friend during Adult..=) 

with baby nisreena...
Zairy & Fatim He asked, She said Yes..I Do.
Jiwang itu My Fiance ..

Cant Did Picture Snap Credit to My Friends.
Siap Spec lg tu...Maybe Silau dr lAMpu CAMERA...=) 
Fatim Lalo Li...with Flower hand.
Thanks Aunty Moon for the sponsor Flower Hand.

Cousin Zairy...from Penang...

With My Cousin and My mother and My ante .

Salam and Edit by Me....
Smile fOR mY happiness.. Alhamdulillah...
From My Side, Hantaran...=)
Amin... Pray for bless my relationship and give me Barakah.. mAKE My Relation happy till Jannah..Bless My Relation and make it valuable for our relation..Aminn...

Stop At Here.....
No much to say, no Much brilliant Idea to say.
Dont hesitate to Follow my Blog,
Thanks for spend your Time to read My Blog...

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